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Sodium and Potassium Silicate (liquid glass) manufacture.

Welcome to the website of "Silicate" Company! Manufacture was founded in St. Petersburg in 2009. During the work as the scientific-production association “Silicate” has won the trust of clients and taken a stable place in the Russian market.

Scientific-production association "Silicate" created for the manufacture of various soluble silicates. Among the products presented the soluble silicate lumps, liquid sodium and potassium silicates. Price of almost all kinds of products of the company is lower from other offers specialized segment.


Sodium liquid Silicate.

The priority is to create a production of silicates mainly for enterprises engaged in production of welding fluxes, electrodes. For example, sodium water glass is used as a binder in the manufacture of electrodes. Also, this material has properties ionizing affects the structure of the slag.


Waterproofing with liquid sodium silicate.

The main purpose of the "Silicate" Company is to supply enterprises, that producing welding fluxes and electrodes, with special silicates, which have a predetermined and constant chemical formula. The company's products allow that enterprises to create a stable and uninterrupted production. In addition, the scientific-production association “Silicate” produces silicates used in everyday life, for example, useful for private houses and apartments will be waterproofing with liquid silicates.


 Liquid Silicate (liquid glass)

 Liquid Sodium  waterglass - is  an aqueous  solution of  Sodium Silicate.  The chemical  formula is the  sum of two  oxides: Na2O +  SiO2. Silica  modulus values  can vary from 2.0  to 3.5, and the  densities of the  solutions  between 1.3  and 1.6 g / cm3.

 Liquid Potassium waterglass - aqueous solution of  potassium silicate, modulus of 2.9 to 3.5, density  solutions from 1.3 to 1.4.


 Application of liquid silicates

 Liquid glass has a lot of positive properties like fire  resistance, durability, and acts as a natural antiseptic,  having a high adhesion is an excellent binder. These  qualities ensured its wide distribution. 


 In the construction industry liquid silicates is used as  additives and impregnants. With the help of liquid  silicates it can be made of plaster, putty, paste and other  construction materials. Such compositions will secure the  treated surfaces from moisture and high temperatures,  prevent the occurrence of corrosion, mold, mildew.  Paints based on water glass have flame-retardant  properties, are used in mass stay of people indoors.


 Well known silicate glue, which was created on the basis  of liquid glass. However, due to the high adhesion of  water glass can be used as a universal adhesive. It  connects paper, wood, glass and metal parts and  surfaces. Distributed and waterproofing with liquid glass.  Material having gluing and antiseptic properties is ideal  for swimming pools, saunas, baths, saunas and other  premises.


 Sodium silicate is used in the chemical industry in the  manufacture of materials such as silica, lead silicate,  sodium metasilicate, zeolites, white carbon, catalysts,  silica sols.


 Sodium water glass is used even in the creation of  detergents and cleaners, in particular for dyeing and  bleaching of fabrics. It is used as a binding and adhesive  agent in soap making, textile and paper industries.  Foundry uses water glass as a flotation agent when  dealing with ferrous and rare metals. In the steel industry  the binding properties of the material in demand for the  creation of forms.

 Production of liquid glass

 Our liquid silicates (sodium and potassium) produced  in Russia in Nizhny Novgorod city, at glass plant.  Silicates produced from Silica Sand and Soda by firing in  the oven. The resulting glass is crushed and dissolved in  water. In sales it can be seen as a ready liquid silicates,  or as dry powder or silicate lumps. Liquid glass is made  in accordance with Russian standard: GOST 18958-73  and approved the technical specifications for the  potassium-containing soluble materials: TU 5921-001-  63022882-2010.


 Storage of liquid silicates

 The finished liquid glass can be stored at least one year  in a sealed container at the warehouse. The material is  inclined to spontaneous hardening. When it freezing and  thawing it retains its quality even in the formation of a  precipitate. Store of the liquid silicates in the glass  containers or drums is recommended in one layer.